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Based in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Zambia you can be sure that our clients are all different. Different in size, shape, industry and business maturity. However, they all have one common attribute: Growth. This ambition makes them want unique and meaningful connections with their staff and customers. We always leverage our ideas to achieve influence, change, excellence in their markets and customer satisfaction. The result? Powerful brands respected and admired.
Building Brand Relationships

Unique Brand Activations

For over 10 years, we have worked our ways into the hearts and cores of our clients to give them the right relationships on ground. So, we create powerful brand stories through visuals and persuasive personas to relate the brands with the audience.
Our activation teams are trained to become the experience through the way they dress, speak, present, move and engage with consumers – thus resembling the ingredients of the Brand experience.

Trade marketing

Through market seeding, we are able to line the market path for you ensure that your brand gets to the end user with as much support and efficiency. Through a team of competent and well trained merchandisers, communication about your brand’s unique proposition, brand use, and the back-and-forth of order taking are well covered. The team will always be in ground to furnish you with the detailed activities of competitors and consumers well before it touches your return on investment.

Community Marketing

At Hallmark Advertising and Marketing, we strive to create systematic applications of commercial marketing theories, concepts, and techniques to achieve desired behavioral change for social good.

Influencer events

The memorability of an event is engraved in how well it made you feel. When the memory is triggered by the feel of excitement, we will ensure that your brand is what is remembered. We create brand events that not only bring the brand to life in that moment but also live beyond the event.

Branding and Signage

We provide innovative, out of the box branding and signage that aims to keep your brand at the top of your target consumers mind. We offer our clients consultations on where, how and when it is best suited to place signage based on their needs and brand strategy ensuring they get the best out of their branding with assured ROI.

Bringing Experiential Online

Digital Marketing

We don’t believe in disjointed experience that’s why our creative process builds your brand ideas as unique, proactive and breath-taking executions meant to touch your audience with excitement and intent. We make your digital platform not only a tool for presence but also a convenient location to convert people for sales and influence decisions.
By working in partnership, we can help you accelerate growth online and increase your digital marketing returns.

Web Design & Development

We create user-friendly website designs with beautiful interfaces that deliver on objectives. We ensure your site looks gorgeous and functions perfectly. Turning designs into code that we can then power with some coding magic. This is also where we battle with browsers to ensure the site looks good across the board. In terms of testing we make sure to crush any bugs that may be lurking as we go. We also make sure that the site automatically knows what sort of device you’re using and adjusts itself accordingly.

Social Media Marketing

We’re passionate about creating conversations. We focus on delivering long-term, powerful and measurable results while creating marketing campaigns people love.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We use proven search engine optimization techniques to gain visibility, awareness and leads for our client’s websites. All our sites are optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Our techniques enable our clients to be found by potential customers anywhere any time.

Media Planning & Buying

We are passionate about seeking out new opportunities for our clients and creating plans which evolve, inspire and tread new ground. It is our balance of innovation, expertise and knowledge that makes us confident that we can create a media plan which is best for our clients and their brand.

The SMART approach

To help create GREAT BRAND EXPERIENCES, we take the SMART approach

S – We make the brand SIGNIFICANT in consumer minds & Eyes
M – We create MEMORABLE experiences for your customers
A – We provide an ACTION plan to get the brand to its ‘next’
R – We ensure ROI
T – We set a TIMER to achieve these goals


A team of passionate believers, each tasked with a unique angle towards brand success.

  • Philip Muchimuti
    Executive Director

    Philip Muchimuti

    He is the glue that binds the vision, the path and the destination. He understands that an empowered team builds the brand beyond the set vision to conquering the market.

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  • Heri Nyaki
    General Manager

    Heri Nyaki

    I am she. Her who brings the whole house down in one swing and rebuild it in a design that will embody the life of your company and its wants.

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  • Steve Wekesa
    Strategy & Planning Manager

    Steve Wekesa

    Human encyclopaedia is what they call me as I have the facts the figures and the tit bits in one swop. Operations are my fort but knowledge is my drug.

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  • Sharon Constance
    Account Executive

    Sharon Constance

    The bubble of the office I am, walking in with the aura of fun and making sure that thoughts and executions have my touch of entertaining in them all.

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  • Richard Siongoh
    Project Manager

    Richard Siongoh

    Every city council askari knows me for my ability to make sure I have everything done right and thorough. I love the GT and GT is my love.

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  • Rebecca Akumu
    Account Manager

    Rebecca Akumu

    Becky with the good hair might be the thing that most people think when they see me… but I am more than my hair. I am the touch of persistence and consistency.

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