Hallmark | Our Team
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Our Team

A team of passionate believers, each tasked with a unique angle towards brand success.

Executive Director

Philip Muchimuti

He is the glue that binds the vision, the path and the destination. He understands that an empowered team builds the brand beyond the set vision to conquering the market.

General Manager

Heri Nyaki

I am she. Her who brings the whole house down in one swing and rebuild it in a design that will embody the life of your company and its wants.

Strategy & Planning Manager

Steve Wekesa

Human encyclopaedia is what they call me as I have the facts the figures and the tit bits in one swop. Operations are my fort but knowledge is my drug.

Account Manager

Jaha Nyaki

They still have no idea when I am mad, but they always tell me that I have the heart of a warrior and the stealth of a predator awaiting a prey. I love the meticulous analysis of situation and I will always get a solution that works best.

Project Manager

Richard Siongoh

Every city council askari knows me for my ability to make sure I have everything done right and thorough. I love the GT and GT is my love.

Digital Account Manager

Robert Mahebo

I am better defined as the charm that works its way into the framework of your business. The idea that nothing great is made from one side.

Data Account Manager

Ernest Nyachoti

Call me competitor, for I will bring the house down with the touch of data and numbers. I love the play of addition to the sum of multiplication.

Graphic Designer

Caroline Kambo

I see design as the point of creation. I love designing, putting ideas into visuals and adding beauty to the simple things at Hallmark. I pride myself with bringing collage in the mosaic of ideas.

Account Executive

Mike Wekesa

When you need things done fast and thorough, you come to me. I am the polite push that gets things done the way you want in a pace you’ll love.

Project Manager

Laura Nyangasi

They say I am the worst of them all when it comes to pushing the boundaries. I enjoy my time in the field and love to execute what has been created in a seamless manner to make sure success is on my sleeves.

Design Manager

Clive Jerry Kalama

I am the joy of yesterday packed in the design of today. I create the visuals to spice up the words. I build the knowledge of the thoughts in the vision you need.

Account Manager

Louiza Wangui

I love life coz I am life. I believe that my third eye and attention to details has worked a great deal to make it easy for me to question the forgotten, I will always have it all covered.

Account Executive

Sharon Constance

The bubble of the office I am, walking in with the aura of fun and making sure that thoughts and executions have my touch of entertaining in them all.

Account Executive

Sheila Waweru

She’s soft spoken, that’s what I let the world see. Those who know me know the courageous lion that I bear within and my desire to thrive.

Account Manager

Rebecca Akumu

Becky with the good hair might be the thing that most people think when they see me… but I am more than my hair. I am the touch of persistence and consistency.

Account Executive

Maryanne Kagwanja

The effective eye might have been definitive of my keen details to what is happening and the way it’s supposed to be. I thrive on details.

Projects Supervisor

Mitchell Mideva

When the numbers have to be crunched on ground, they call me. My office is in every street in Kenya, my friends are all the consumers who meet me. I am their marketer!

Account Executive

Eva Wanjiru

Current trends and market relations are my forte, I love merging these two to bring a sense of presence in all the activities.

Project Supervisor

Corazon Akwino

I am the alternative voice, the voice that speaks of the unspoken and shows the deals to be done. I am the voice that ask, Why? I am the voice of reason.

Account Executive

Lucy Kinyanjui

When beauty and brains merge, they admire me. I enjoy the understanding of brands and live for the merger of success and beautiful executions.

Account Executive

Fidelis Wambui

I drive the numbers on the number side and push the goals to their touch points. I dress the ideas and execution in a more presentable way to consumers.

Senior Account Executive

Ann Wacuka Muthoni

My trade developers are the my favourite people, they walk into a market and walk out with a new sales. I strive in making those around me a success.

Account Executive

Sonia Mshila

I am the extra eye that captures memories and convert them to digital. I am the touch of modern and teen wrapped in knowledge of market needs.

Account Executive

Ian Maru

When the numbers are done and the data needs visualization, I take precedence. I thrive in data analysis and deciphering. I love technology.